Member Directory

MacNeal (Mac) Lashley

Regional Director

Upasana Dhawan

Real Estate Sales Representative

Guido Camaiani

Portfolio Manager

Nino Di Giovanni

Senior Account Executive - Commercial Insurance

Peter Graceffa

Life Insurance and Group Benefits Advisor

Ansh Mandhani

Mortgage Agent

Joshua Goldberg

Principal Lawyer at Joshua Goldberg Law

Fran Murray

Founder & CEO at Fran Murray Co.

Yameena Ansari

Principal Lawyer Ansari Immigration Law

Bola Adetunji

IT Support Engineer

Dev Mitra

Lawyer, Director - Web3 Incubation Center

Quratul Siddiqui

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Kevin Hazzard

Director, Executor Duties On Demand

Earl Rich

Executive Style Consultant (men)

Sonny Ciufo

Personal Trainer at Beyond Health and Fitness

Lucy Jeffrey

President & CEO of The Entrepreneur NationĀ®

Fabian Gehring

Managing Director and Founder of Big Guy Business Consulting

Vacant - Real Estate Lawyer

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